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Dracula Bran Castle Amazing Gothic Arhitectural Design

Bran Castle – a remarkable gothic architectural design monument was built between 1377-1382 on a 60 m cliff as a result of privilege from November 19, 1377 the Hungarian king Louis I of Anjou. Once the point has been reinforced by fulfilling military functions appearing awake and southeastern Transylvania but also have customs and trade functions are located on the commercial road connecting Transylvania with Wallachia Rucăr-Bran in Romania. Dracula Castle Bran Castle is known as one of the most precious historical sites in Transylvania.

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Bran Castle Construction began sometime in 1378. Builders have somehow managed to combine wood with stone brought from Magura Bran. Castle had a protective effect, but also commercial. In the south were two walls built of stone and brick. At that time the fortress was made from the exterior walls of the fortified tower, the circular tower and the tower gate.

The building has an imposing shape and is situated on a cliff in a key position strategically.

Today the museum houses the Bran that takes place on the 4 floors of the building. Here are exhibited collections of ceramics, furniture, weapons and armor. Operates a museum in the Castle of the village in a manner that reflects how genuine and households of people living Rucar-Bran area.

During 1920-1927 the castle was restored and turned into a summer residence, the Queen Mary, on this occasion all the building and Tea House. In 1938 Bran Queen Marie left the entire field of inheritance of his daughter, Princess Ileana. Today’s image fourteenth-century tower above except that the gate was built after the 15th century. After Queen Mary took possession of the royal court architect Karel Liman castle restored and decorated the entire building. In 1948, with the expulsion of the royal family, Bran Castle became the property of the Romanian state. Although not fully equipped, since 1956 the castle was transformed into a museum of history and feudal art and open to the public. Only in 1987 begins a new and much-needed restoration of the building works are largely finalized in 1993.

The building is made from a combination of wood and stone. Initially defensive fortification included a post consisting of two rows of walls which flanked the south pass (now only a few fragments can still be seen), the customs station building (not preserved in its original shape) and the city itself, consisting of the enclosure wall , donjon, round tower and the tower gate. Enclosure wall is made of limestone, brick layers being built later. This wall has holes arranged vertically rectangular drawing. Only four of them are positioned horizontally and closed with thick wooden shutters. Dungeon, located in the north, is taller than the rest of the castle and is set in stone. It includes two rooms and a narrow wooden staircase climbs to the roof, where it is provided and an observation post. Dungeon and curtain are provided just below the battlements with a series of gradual, rounded. The present form of round tower dates from 1593, the old tower was destroyed by an explosion caused by lightning.

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On the ground floor tower was equipped with a small deposit and gunpowder and second floor were several rooms with different uses. The gate was originally built with a grid of beams blocked, handled by means of pulleys. Access through this input could be achieved only with a mobile stairs descended to the base rock.

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Bran Castle tourism destinations

On the first floor are six rooms: the vestibule, a more spacious hall, with frescoes, a room with ogival vaults ceiling, a small kitchen and a second vestibule. Under the tower stairs is a narrow room served as a prison. Second floor contains a vestibule, a former kitchen, a small room in the tower room corresponding to the gate and a new room with painted beams Saxon reasons. In the courtyard are two cellars, baking oven and another prison. A special attraction of the castle is well, with a depth of about 57 m, located in the backyard.
The fact is that over six centuries of existence the castle suffered enough at the architectural changes. The style is gothic Transylvanian many influences but later appeared adjacent. All these features of various origins in general are not only specialists but also increase the interest of the laymen. Therefore to avoid a fall is not so important tourist attraction, if you way through the area, even if not the first time you visit  Bran Castle.

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Bran Castle, Dracula’s Castle

Commonly Known as Dracula’s Castle (although it is one among several locations linked to the Dracula legend, and Hunyadi Castle Poenari Including Castle), it is marketed as the home of the titular character in Bram Stoker’s Dracula. The representative of Transylvania legend – that of  Dracula or Vlad the Impaler, binds and Bran Castle. This we depict him Vlad Tepes – ruler in Wallachia in the fifteenth century – as a kind of vampire that feeds on blood and flesh of enemies. These details were the delight of many documentary films like or have been used as a strategy to promote the area. In reality, it was just a ruthless ruler enemies, whom extreme punishment – impalement. It was assumed that the so-called Dracula lived in Bran Castle, but have not found any evidence to prove this.

Bran Castle remainsan authentic vestige, which is visited by many foreign tourists, eager for adventure, culture and legends of a great prince Vlad Tepes vs Dracula.

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