All natural food has become more and more of a necessity and less of a fad. So don’t shy away from making your dishes without processed materials. The importance of this kind of cooking is that you get your tasty dish gluten free and low on calories (under 250 for this example)! For the natural pancakes you will need:

• one ripe banana;
• a couple of eggs;
• coconut oil spray;
• a bowl;
• a pan;
• optional: strawberry or raspberry;

Here is what you’ll need to do. Take the ingredients and put them in a bowl. Don’t simply throw the banana in, cut it into slices, just like in the images; that will make it easier to mash together with the eggs. Use a type of coconut oil spray on your pan before cooking. Take a nice scoop of the mixture and pour on a low to medium heat pan, leave for 30 seconds and flip to the other side. Decorate with some strawberries and serve. Delicious!

Sursa: Natural Pancake Recipe.